Ecoutez la mer

- Very rare multiple, signed, ed. 300

Leeuwarden, Praktikabel nr 23 / Stichting Keunstwurk, 2001.

Plastic box 12 x 9 cms, containing the title in white-on-black, text in Frisian and English verso,and numerous tiny metal balls, so that the box, when shaken gently, produces a sound that resembles the murmur of the sea. Signed and numbered 45/300 in black felt-tip pen.

Produced and published in Frisia, a province of the Netherlands, for the mail art project Praktikabel. With the original envelope and text sheet explaining the history of the production, based on the fact that Ben Vautier fights for the recognition of the Occitan language as the Frisian do for theirs, reason enough for Ben to add a text 'I Ben I am for a Free Friesland - Listen to the Waddenzee' [the sea north of Friesland] to the envelope.  

Extremely rare. In spite of the edition of 300, I have not been able to detect a second copy on the net, nor on ArtPrice.

- In good condition